Antigua & Barbuda and Grenada: Citizenship by Investment Programme Re-Opens for RU and BY Applicants

Antigua & Barbuda and Grenada: Citizenship by Investment Programme Re-Opens for RU and BY Applicants

This month has seen two Caribbean countries – Antigua & Barbuda and Grenada – officially resuming acceptance of applications from Russian and Belarussian applicants.

As with nationals of all other countries, in Antigua & Barbuda and Grenada it is a condition that the applicants from Russia and Belarus are not the subject of any international sanctions and are not connected with any individual or entity that is subject to international sanctions.

The other three countries – St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica and St Lucia are yet to join the club but are expected to resume accepting such applications soon.

The passports of these Caribbean countries are widely recognized worldwide for visa-free travel, making them a budget-friendly useful travel document for frequent travelers internationally.

More than 140 countries welcome holders of Caribbean passports for short stays. The EEA countries, UK, and Hong Kong are among them. Grenadian passport comes with a further advantage of eligibility to apply to the U.S. resident E-2 Treaty visa which is highly advantageous for businessmen doing business with the United States.

Following the recent phase-out of the citizenship by investment programmes in the EU, the Caribbean passports are becoming increasingly popular for frequent travelers. These passports require the minimum investment starting from USD 100,000. They can also be obtained very expeditiously, within only two to three months from submission of the application.

The Caribbean countries are also members of the British Commonwealth, making their nationals eligible to the benefits of British protection in third countries.

The Caribbean countries welcome applications from family members. In addition to the immediate family – spouse and dependent children – the passports can be granted also to parents, parents-in-law, and siblings.

The investment options vary from the most popular donations to the economic development funds to real property and in some countries – government bonds and educational programmes.

With applications prepared and submitted remotely, without the need for the applicants to travel to the Caribbean, it is important to choose a trustworthy professional firm to assist you with the applications. At Consulco we have successful history of assisting our clients with applications for Caribbean passports.