Consulco Group is proud to support Makario Children's Hospital

Consulco Group is proud to support Makario Children's Hospital

When “I” is replaced by “We” even Illness becomes Wellness! 

Corporate contributions play a critical role in fulfilling our mission and purpose at Consulco Group. Purpose is more than a mission statement or a buzzword, it defines our organization’s value in society and allows us to grow our business and impact in the world.  

One of the pillars of our company is our concern for children and their future. We know that sometimes, superheroes reside in the hearts of young children fighting rough battles. Consulco Group has donated several Precision Monitors to Makario Children's H ospital in order to improve the examination process for all children. Those high-end monitors provide exceptional healthcare diagnostics and they will help physicians ollect accurate vital signs right at the point of care — so they can make informed decisions anywhere throughout the hospital.    

We would like to thank Alexia VarnavaMarketing Manager and Sales Executive at Biotronics LTD and the company’s professional scientific team for their guidance and assistance in choosing the best monitors for Makario Children's Hospital’s needs.    

We are honored and proud to be able to support Makario Children's  Hospital each year in its efforts and commitment to paint a brighter tomorrow for these small fighters. Our philanthropic support aims to help Makario Children's  Hospital accomplish its mission and purpose to make life better for children. This is why, each year, we do our best to help them achieve their purpose by offering them the means and tools they mostly need in order to fulfill their promise to the children.