How to obtain a work visa in an international company in Cyprus?

How to obtain a work visa in an international company in Cyprus?

The most popular type of relocation to the Republic of Cyprus is a work visa through an international business company. One of the key requirements is to find a company that is interested in a qualified employee and is willing to pay him at least 2500 euros per month (before taxes). This status has two big benefits. First, family members can move to Cyprus immediately after the main applicant receives a work visa. Secondly, spouses have the right to work in Cyprus.

In addition, the government promised to accept applications for a Cypriot passport from holders of work visas after five years of residence in the country, and for those who learn Greek, after four years.

Anastasia Piperidou, Attorney at Law 

Dmitry Khenkin, co-founder and director of Consulco Group


 — What is the minimum amount of stable income required, to apply for a work visa in an international company?

– Minimum 2500 euros per month before taxes and fees.

— For how long is a work visa valid for employees of international companies?

- For two years with the right to extend.

– Are there any prerequisites when applying for a visa?

– The company must have a permission to employ third-country nationals.

— What are the document requirements for application?

– All documents or their official copies issued by the authorities or organizations of other countries must be translated into English, notarized and apostilled. For documents from the Russian Federation and Israel, an apostille is not needed.

- What are the requirements for the certificate of clean criminal record?

– The authorities of the Republic of Cyprus accept both paper and electronic versions. The paper version must be translated into English, notarized and apostilled, and the electronic version should only be translated.

— What is the shelf life of documents?

– Medical tests must be taken within four months before the submission of documents. They can be taken in Cyprus. A police clearance certificate must be issued within the last six months. The applicant's passport must be valid on the date of submission. The validity of passports of family members is at least two years after that date, marriage certificates are at least a year before that. The minimum term of the employment contract with an annual salary of 30 thousand euros is two years.

- Who are considered family members? 

– Spouses and children (minors).

– Is the application for a work visa submitted for the whole family at once? 

–  No. First, the documents are submitted by the company employee. After obtaining a work visa, the process of obtaining residence permits in Cyprus for family members can begin.

– Is it possible to issue a permit to enter the Republic of Cyprus? 

– Only for someone who is employed at an international company. Family members arrive later under the Family Reunification Act.

– When does the legal stay in Cyprus begin for the applicant of a work visa in an international company?

– From the moment the immigration authorities of the Republic of Cyprus accept the required documents for a visa.

– What are the time requirements for staying in Cyprus? 

- You cannot be absent from the country for more than 90 days in a row. If this period is exceeded, the work visa is cancelled and entry into Cyprus on this visa becomes impossible.

– Does an individual need a bank account in Cyprus to apply for a work visa? 

- The immigration authorities do not have such a requirement. But an account in a Cypriot bank will be required to issue a letter of guarantee for family members.

— Are there any requirements for a minimum bank balance for those who apply for a work visa?

- No.

– What is the approximate waiting period for issuing a work visa by the immigration authorities of the Republic of Cyprus after submitting all required documents? 

- About a month and a half.

- Is it possible to change the visa category later (for example, from working to visitor)? 

- Yes.

– Do spouses of work visa holders have the right to work in Cyprus? 

- Yes.

– What is the minimum wage requirement for spouses? 

– Not less than the minimum wage under the law – 940 euros per month.

— Does the applicant need to take medical tests and have health insurance? 

- Yes.

— Do I need to issue a letter of guarantee from a bank? 

— For an employee of an international business company, this is not required, for members of his family, a guarantee is necessary.

– When can I apply for citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus? 

- Currently after seven years of legal stay in Cyprus. The Ministry announced that for employees of international business companies, the threshold will be reduced to five years, and subject to knowledge of the Greek language - to four years. But this law has not yet been adopted.

 Does the time spent in Cyprus with this visa count towards the term for a Cypriot passport? 

- Yes.


State fees, medical tests, medical insurance for the applicant for a work visa – 390 euros

Registration fee, medical tests, insurance, letter of guarantee (for spouse or minor child) for the family:

1060 euro for a family of two

1730 euro for a family of three

Registration fee at the migration department when processing documents:

 Employee of the company – 140 euro

Family member – 270 euro

Medical tests for one person – 100 euros

Medical insurance – 75-150 euros per year

Bank fee when issuing a letter of guarantee for a family member – 150 euros

The amount of the bank guarantee (deposited in the bank and blocked for 10 years*) - 550 euros

* Refund – after the expiration of the guarantee or after its holder moves to permanent residence from the Republic of Cyprus to another country. 

Revenue stamps on the employment contract (minimum wage - 30 000 euros per year) for a period of two years - 82 euro

 Revenue stamps on the lease agreement - (for example, 2000 euros per month for a period of one year) - 28 euros

Translation of a one-page document (into Greek or English) – about 25 euro